Excellence in Anything Increases Your Potential in Everything

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

— Seneca, 50 A.D.

Focus is a language that speaks simply and eloquently to the fundamental human similarity between people.

Why? Because everyone struggles with it.

That’s precisely why I want to share with you a simple, profound and counter-intuitive strategy that highlights the connection between focus, core strengths and greatness.

This one’s a keeper so read carefully and reflect deliberately … as just like they used to say in the old Maxwell Coffee ads…it’s good to the last drop.

• One of the things I learned from working with Navy SEALs, Professional and Olympic Athletes, Artists and other elite performers is that they only do TWO THINGS.

• Lebron James plays basketball … and he prepares to play basketball. Nothing else … he does not do the laundry.

• Frank Sinatra sings … and he prepares to sing. That’s it … he does not move the piano.

• Michelle Kwan skates … and she prepares to skate. She does not drive the Zamboni.

• Michael Phelps swims … and he prepares to swim. He does not check the chlorine levels in the pool.

• Serena Williams plays tennis … and she prepares to play tennis. She does not sweep the court nor fetch balls.

• Navy SEALs execute black operations … and they prepare to execute black operations. They are mission focused and nothing deters their attention.

The common element shared by all of these elite performers is that they have each identified their core strengths and remained focused on it.

As a result…they play to their strengths and unleash their greatness.

So what does this have to do with you?

GREATNESS demands that you actively manage yourself.

You have to place yourself where you can make the greatest contribution.

You have to know your core strengths so that you know where you belong

You have focus your time and energy on high payoff activities and priorities.

You have to embrace the truth that it’s your destiny to unleash our greatness.

Spending more time doing the things that you love to do and are great at brings you increased energy, increased confidence, and the ability to create more value for others, which will lead to more productive relationships…and a far more fulfilling life.

Each of us is completely unique and if ever we are to give a gift to the world, it will have to come out of our own experience and fulfillment of our unique core strengths.


Your Core Strengths comprise of four foundational pillars. They represent the guiding principles on which our ability to maximize our performance is based.

“Spending more time doing the things that you love to do and are great at brings you increased energy, increased confidence, and the ability to create more value for others, which will lead to more productive relationships…and a far more fulfilling life.”

Use the following acronym to uncover your Core Strengths:


Core Strengths provide an indomitable feeling of confidence in your ability to produce and deliver quality, and consistent results.

You possess the internal faith and belief that you can and will be successful.

In what areas are you most confident in your abilities to succeed?


Core Strengths are saturated with an attitude of optimism. Optimism is a general disposition to expect the best possible outcome in a given situation.

It is the belief that your future will contain outcomes, which you desire.

Optimists are people who believe that through positive action in their communities, business and personal life that they can create a better tomorrow.

In what areas of your life are you most optimistic about creating greater value?


Core Strengths operate best in a relaxed state. The word relaxed has a lot to do with being unaffected, easy, spontaneous and operating in flow.

Once you are able to tap your Core Strengths, you will enjoy a mental state of quietness, calmness, serenity, and peace. Time will pass quickly, and you work will feel more like play.

In what areas do you enjoy the greatest state of relaxation and a wonderful sense of flow?


Core Strengths are driven by boundless enthusiasm. It’s an inspiring zeal that delivers inspiring results as nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

Your passion, desire and hunger about being involved in something of importance will unleash your Core Strengths.

In what areas are you the most enthusiastic and passionate?

The true professionals, the elite performers identify their core strengths … they stay focused on what they do best … they surround themselves with others who play to their strengths and by doing so…they unleash their greatness.

Jimi Hendrix does TWO THINGS … he plays the guitar, and he prepares to play the guitar.

That’s it … and that’s why he’s considered the greatest guitarist of all time.

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